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Diesel Engine Repair

Diesel Services at Honest Auto Repair Tucson LLC

At Honest Auto Repair Tucson LLC, we proudly cater to diesel trucks and jeeps from manufacturers such as GM, Chevy, Dodge, Ford, and more. Our specialization extends to the maintenance of diesel engines, with a focus on Duramax, Power Stroke, and Cummins.

Typical maintenance tasks include:

  • Changing the oil & filter
  • Changing the air filter
  • Refilling the urea injection system

  • Popular Brands We Repair and Service

    • Dodge Diesel
    • Ford Engines
    • DuraMax
    • Mercedes
    • Isuzu
    • Cummins
    • Power Stroke
    • GM Diesel Light Duty
    • Chevy

    Why Choose Honest Auto Repair Tucson LLC for Your Diesel Maintenance?

    Feel free to browse our reviews and discover firsthand why we are known for providing top-tier, convenient diesel maintenance at affordable rates. Pay a visit to our repair shop today and experience the unparalleled expertise of our professional diesel mechanics. Our 5-star reviews have solidified our reputation as one of the most highly recommended diesel repair shops in Tucson!

    Diesel Maintenance FAQs

    What maintenance is required for a diesel engine?

    Diesel engines crank up the heat compared to their gasoline counterparts. This hotter environment means they're thirsty for fresh oil more often, demanding regular changes and quality checks. To keep them humming through winter, a splash of liquid additive can be their best friend, both during those chilly months and in the spring thaw.

    What are the basic maintenance required for a diesel fuel system?

    Engine contaminants can wreak havoc on fuel injectors, impacting performance and fuel economy. Regular oil changes, by acting as a filtration system, prevent this buildup and ensure optimal injector function. Additionally, timely fuel filter replacements further protect against injector clogging, contributing to smooth engine operation and maximum efficiency.

    How often should diesel injectors be serviced?

    While 95,000 miles is the general lifespan for diesel fuel injectors, don't blindly stick to that number! Your specific car's make, model, and driving habits can significantly impact when they need replacing. Keep an eye out for warning signs like rough idling or decreased fuel efficiency, and consider scheduling a checkup even before hitting the 95,000-mile mark.

    How long does a diesel engine last?

    a well-maintained diesel engine is a mileage marathon runner. Expect 1 million to 1.5 million miles before major repairs, and some makes and models even boast 30 years of service on the road. That's more than twice the average lifespan of a gasoline engine, thanks to their robust construction and efficient combustion process.

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    I have had the pleasure of working with multiple dealerships and repair shops throughout Tucson in my role as an agency principal at Elite FI Partners, and without a doubt, Honest Auto Repair Tucson stands out as my favorite. Their commitment to honesty and fairness truly sets them apart...


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